Auxolar is an innovative company in the solar industry, founded in 2018. Auxolar’s solar solutions are particularly aimed at the housing industry. With the Internet of Things (IoT) solution from Auxolar, for example, all balconies of an apartment building can be uniformly equipped with solar modules. The electricity generated is fed directly into the tenant’s circuit with the balcony (behind the meter). A feed into the grid is avoided by the electronics of Auxolar. All parties involved benefit from the Auxolar solution. In 2019, several projects have already been successfully implemented and substantial sales have been achieved.

In the first quarter of 2019 Auxolar approached MMC Finance. A personal contact was quickly established and the goal of a financing round was set. As part of the cooperation, the pitch deck was revised, the financial planning improved and an investor list drawn up. MMC approached suitable investors from its network and accompanied Auxolar until the successful conclusion of the contract with the investor Next Big Thing (NBT), which specializes in IoT issues.

Congratulations to the financing!

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