Branayama has developed an innovative, sustainable nursing bra that does not require additional nursing pads. Its integrated two-layer system absorbs breast milk, transports moisture away from the body, dries quickly and has antibacterial properties. The technology keeps the clothes dry. No wires are used, as they can block milk ducts, causing inflammation. The materials are stretchy, the antibacterial silk is produced non-violently (the caterpillars do not have to die) and recycled materials are used as much as possible. Further, production takes place in Europe in a family-owned company with a long tradition of underwear manufacturing.


Steffi participated in the Berlin-Brandenburg Business Plan Competition and met Michael during a free consultation. Based on the positive experience, Steffi decided to continue working with Michael on optimizing the financial and business planning.


With the documents, the GründungsBonus was applied for at IBB Business Team GmbH after the foundation of the company Branayama GmbH. The GründungsBonus is a grant that innovative new companies in Berlin with a technological, digital, creative, or sustainable business model can receive. The grant was approved after an intensive review by external experts, among others. In the meantime, Branayama also ran a Kickstarter campaign. For this purpose, Michael helped to update the financial plan. Michael continues to be available to Steffi as a sparring partner.


Congratulations on the approval of the GründungsBonus grant and the successful execution of the Kickstarter campaign!

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