Brayn.io is a leading digital agency in Berlin. Brayn.io designs and builds digital products and ensures that they “work” successfully in the use case. Speed plays an important role in this business. Brayn.io uses an in-house developed toolbox and the most modern methods of agile software development to create Minimal Viable Products (MVPs). Thus, the justified slogan is: “Fastest MVP in town”.

Dr. Rahel and Olaf Stichtenoth have successfully and profitably built up the company over more than 10 years. To find a suitable successor, they approached MMC Finance, as a trustful contact already existed.

Within the scope of the succession project, detailed documents for the sales process were first prepared over several months. This included a comprehensive company presentation (information memorandum), a meaningful financial plan and an anonymous short profile (teaser).

Subsequently, MMC Finance approached potential buyers via various succession portals and in its network. After signing a confidentiality agreement, detailed documents were provided and various discussions were held under the direction of MMC Finance. Several interested parties submitted indicative offers, which the sellers evaluated with the help of MMC Finance. In addition to financial issues, qualifications, personality and the strategy of the interested party played an important role for the decision. The choice fell on André Berthold, who has a sound university education in computer science and was responsible for the development of the ARD Mediathek and the digital activities of Beck Verlag.

With the help of MMC Finance, the detailed due diligence was well prepared and questions were quickly clarified. During the negotiation, MMC Finance played an important mediator role.

Due to the grown confidence of the buyer, even the bank financing of the purchase price was accompanied by MMC Finance.

We are pleased about the successful closing of the transaction!

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