The selection of a leasing car is a difficult process. Hundreds of manufacturers, dealers & banks form a complex leasing market with thousands of intransparent prices. Until now, many dealers had to be contacted personally to get an overview. VEHICULUM is a start-up company in Berlin, Germany, which simplifies the process of selecting a leasing car significantly through comprehensive digitalization of all process steps. With VEHICULUM you get a complete solution for a new leasing contract with best price promise.

The business model of VEHICULUM is based on the referral of a customer to a car dealership, which pays a commission to VEHICULUM upon delivery of the car. As the delivery of the car often takes place a few months after signing the contract, there is a long waiting period until the money is received (high working capital requirement).

MMC Finance was assigned by VEHICULUM to find a solution for the working capital financing. Usually factoring financing is only offered to companies with higher turnover and a longer company history. However, in the network of MMC Finance there are also factoring companies which already enter in earlier phases of the company. Thus, MMC Finance succeeded in finding a suitable factoring partner for VEHICULUM. A factoring financing has not only the advantage that financial means are available earlier, but also that the amount of financing automatically grows with the turnover.

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