Founded in early 2012, TestObject is a start-up company specializing in the development and operation of cloud-based testing solutions that enable automated testing of mobile Android apps. By using the TestObject on-demand solution, initial investments are eliminated, operating costs are lowered, a higher test coverage is achieved through numerous end devices and the personnel expenditure for manual testing of the software is greatly reduced. After registering at www.testobject.com, the app can be uploaded and tests can be created immediately via an intuitive user interface, without the need to purchase or install expensive software. The test is automated and runs simultaneously in the background on various Android smartphone and tablet models. Afterwards the customer receives a detailed report. Billing is on a per-minute basis and depends on the number of tests.

It was great fun to support the TestObject team with market and competition analysis, pricing strategy, business and financial planning, investor presentations and contract negotiations. The process was successfully completed in record time due to the professionalism of all involved.

The Frühphasenfonds Brandenburg as well as the investment company West TechVentures participate in the startup TestObject GmbH.

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