3D printing is in the process of transforming from a specialized industrial process into a popular technology with great everyday applications. The trinckle web offering, consisting of a 3D printing service, 3D marketplace and a growing design community, brings the benefits of this development directly to customers. The easy-to-use 3D printing service with real-time price calculation makes it possible to place an order directly in a single session. The automatic 3D model error check saves trouble with models that are later identified as not printable in over 90% of cases. Customers can choose from a variety of materials, colors and 3D printing techniques. The scaling tool allows a free choice of size and helps to keep the technical conditions for printability.

In order to obtain venture capital financing for the further development of the software and the establishment of sales, Trinckle has agreed to cooperate with MMC Finance.

After revision of the pitch deck and financial planning, MMC Finance approached several venture capital investors, accompanied meetings and contract negotiations. Together with the founders of Trinckle 3D we are pleased about the investment of the Frühphasenfonds Brandenburg.

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