After an order is completed, payment often takes a long time. The self-employed, freelancers and small businesses can secure their own liquidity by submitting their invoices to www.decimo.de and receiving the invoice amount immediately. Decimo takes care of the complete receivables management and the risk of insolvency of the invoice recipient. This sale of open, undisputed receivables in order to secure liquidity and outsource the complex invoice management is called factoring. Decimo, as a licensed factoring company, is under the supervision of BaFin, therefore the highest standards of data protection and handling of customer data are observed.

Decimo’s business model entails a high capital requirement. In order to attract further financiers Decimo has entered into a cooperation agreement with MMC Finance.

MMC Finance has advised Decimo GmbH on a bank financing, factoring financing, mezzanine financing and a crowdfunding campaign during 2015. In total, a financing of over one million EUR was provided.

Decimo’s exciting business model has received a lot of interest from financiers. Therefore it was possible to close several financing deals in a relatively short period of time.

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